Minaxi's story

Minaxi Arnold had taken a career break to raise a family. When she was ready, she started freelancing and volunteering but wanted to invest more time and effort into a role where she could gain knowledge and experience as well as develop relationships with colleagues and clients. She is now a Manager in EY’s People Services business thanks to EYs 12 week Reconnect programme.

“I started looking at options including permanent and flexible roles in and out of consultancy (which was my background). I discovered there was an EY Reconnect Programme for career returners, and I didn’t hesitate to apply”. I had sounded out EY’s reputation amongst my peer group and they fed back a lot of positive aspects about EY.  The fact that EY were championing a reconnect programme as well as a number of other employee initiatives made me think that they valued their employees.

“The programme was great, the coaches were experienced and insightful and delivered a programme tailored to our journey; the EY sponsors were so on-board and supportive of the group”

Minaxi did have some reservations, “Initially I was thinking ‘am I really going to be able to get back into the work mind set’ having had a career break, but actually, I did and picked up right where I left off." Throughout the programme she enjoyed, “working, learning something new, delivering client work and winning new business.”

EY’s reconnect programme not only offers a supportive environment whilst members work with clients, it presents opportunities to network and experience life at the firm.

“I was impressed with how EY embraces flexibility, having a family is not career limiting – rather the opposite. In my personal experience, EY is aware and appreciative of my achievements in the short amount of time that I have been working here, which has really boosted my confidence.”

“These programmes ignore the gap in a person’s career history and look at an individual’s experience and skills to match them to appropriate roles.”