Rosemary's story

Previously a director of a European bank, Rosemary left work 11 years ago to balance her home life and bringing up her children. Once her children were old enough and settled at she considered how to return to work. “I found out about the returnship programme being run by EY and thought it was a fantastic idea. I felt I needed a bridge to get back in and that is what it provides.”

The three month long Reconnect programme allowed Rosemary to update her technical knowledge of accountancy standards whilst also rebuilding her confidence. “Not personal confidence – no one on the returnship lacked that – more professional confidence, confidence in my skills as an accountant.”

“What made the internship really good was the enthusiasm I encountered when wherever I went. From partners down, everyone wanted to know what the scheme was like and how it was working. I went out with a team to work with a client and that was incredible valuable. It made me feel I was really contributing and this was not just an academic exercise.”

After Rosemary completed the programme the department where she was working snapped her up and she seamlessly moved into a permanent position. Having had an 11 year career break actually gave Rosemary the edge; she had energy, enthusiasm, an appetite for work and fresh ideas. It’s not just graduates that are eager.

Rosemary is now a Senior Manager in UKFS Assurance FAAS.