Using the World Economic Forum as our guide, we have defined the five key skills you’ll need to succeed in the workplace of the future – cognitive flexibility, collaboration, creativity, emotional intelligence and complex problem solving. And we’re here to help you develop them.

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Introducing the 5 Future Skills

Take a quick look at the skills employers are looking for.

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Our competition has now closed but the challenges still await for you to test your Future Skills!

Challenge 1: Decoder

Think you’re a code breaker? Put your decoding skills to the test!


Challenge 2: Biggest selfie

Stretch those arms and show us how many friends you can tag in your selfie!

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Challenge 3: Instabot

Does your bot have the future skills to find the hidden Instagram account?


Challenge 4: Cryptic 360

Got an investigative mind? Follow the cryptic clues to solve the puzzle in our virtual innovators’ hall of fame.

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You could get your hands on one of the great prizes in our tech treasure chest, including an unforgettable London Tech Week experience, the latest tech gadgets, and more.

Mega prize

An amazing experience at London Tech Week, including an overnight stay, meals and travel for two.

Spot prizes

In addition to the mega prize, you could also win one of the following prizes: 10 virtual reality headsets, 10 mini drones, 10 wireless speakers, 10 fitness bands, or £1,000 for your charity.


As part of the #EYFutureSkills campaign, we've partnered with influencers who are using the five future skills to succeed in their chosen fields. Meet YouTube celebrity Jim Chapman and online host and poet Hussain Manawer.

Jim Chapman

At just 28, YouTuber Jim Chapman has been described as “the ultimate internet celebrity”. His weekly videos get over a hundred million views, he has over 8.9 million fans, and he’s worked with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Jaguar.

Hussain Manawer

A talented poet and popular host, 24-year-old Hussain Manawer interviews influential figures on his online channel Hussain’s House and speaks on issues like cyber bullying and creative self-expression. Hussain is also a Kruger Crowne Rising Star – which gives him the opportunity to travel into space with XCOR Space Expeditions.

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