How to get your CV noticed by recruiters

As a Recruitment Adviser in People Advisory Services, I receive a large number of CVs. In my experience, to get yourself noticed yours has to stand out for the right reasons.

Here are my top tips to get your CV noticed:

  • Don’t fill your CV and acronyms and technical jargon, make sure that the content is clear and relevant and avoid unnecessary detail.  For example HR Systems candidates will have a lot of technical systems experience that is relevant but we do not need the technology logos on your CV too. 

  • Your CV is your career summary, not an essay.  Make sure that your most recent relevant experiences are highlighted and have most detail, whilst those with less relevance appearing further down or not at all. Ideally it should be no more than two pages.

  • Writing style is key, be sure to be clear, succinct and get someone to proof read for any errors you may have missed. 

  • Tailor your CV to the individual role that you are applying for, include a brief summary at the start of your CV as to why you are right for that role and what you can bring.  For example, if you wanted to join HR Systems and only specialised in one technology, highlight your knowledge or interest in other HR technologies and how you can adapt and flex your knowledge to learn new technologies.

  • With each role you have held, don’t just write about your day to day responsibilities. Whilst these are important, include your highlights and achievements.  What have you done to stand out and make real changes and positive impacts to your wider team?  Any employer will want to see value you can bring.

  • What else?  Do you speak additional languages, are you part of any networking groups  or have any interesting hobbies? They may not seem relevant to the role you apply for but show insight into your character beyond your career.

Career summary to date

Since university I’ve held various roles within recruitment, starting as a Sourcing Specialist at Deloitte, progressing to a Recruiter then making the jump to EY to continue as a Recruitment Adviser.  

The previous two years I have focussed on hiring into Assurance for mid-senior audit professionals across various industries such as energy and consumer products & services,.  I have recently made the transition to People Advisory Services.  I now specialise in HR Systems, and Performance and Talent aligned to Financial Services.  I have also been involved with the roll-out and training for the Experienced Hire team of Future Talent at EY - our new candidate relationship management system

In my spare time I go to the gym and enjoy socialising and trying the new restaurants that frequently “pop up” in London.I enjoy travelling using the time to visit new places and experience new culture my most recent trip was to Japan was a great experience. 

  • Laura Martinez

About the author

Laura joined EY as a Recruitment Adviser for the Assurance practice before making the transition to People Advisory Services, specialising in HR Systems,and Performance and Talent.