Anisha Seth

‘Showing support for this agenda is the biggest thing men can do.’

Anisha Seth

Job title: Tax Advisor, EMEIA Financial Services (London)

Time at EY: 2½ years

Having joined EY on the graduate trainee programme, I now co-lead the EY Sikh Network. Gender diversity is something that drives me to succeed here. I believe both men and women need to work together to encourage females into roles of leadership, and thereby reduce the 117 year gender equality gap.

“As part of the recruitment process, firms need to show that their workplaces are comfortable places to work, regardless of the industry. They need to show there is support for all applicants’ commitments because women can have different commitments, family commitments, that in certain industries don’t suit the hours that’s required. If it’s actually put out there, ‘we will support you’, then maybe there would be more applications.”

Anisha on... a study predicting it will be 117 years until gender equality is achieved

“So our kid’s kids? Well I won’t be alive to see it, that’s for sure. That’s crazy – it feels ages away so it’s actually quite demotivating to know that, to be honest.”

Anisha on... why the majority of men (61%) feel equality already exists

“They probably see that everything is fine for them. They’ll see a few women in the meeting rooms with them, a couple of women they are working with might have flexible working hours, are mums, and have a family, but they still come to work at various times during the week. So it’s all fine.”

Anisha on... the difference between men and women

“Personally, I think men can be overly practical and logical. It’s quicker for them to remove emotion from the decision-making process, whereas I think women can be emotional. I’m not saying they can’t be completely practical but I think men can just be cold at times – maybe overly logical and rational – whereas women like to overthink things.”

Anisha on... how men should approach the issue of gender equality to get closer to solving it

“Showing support for this agenda is the biggest thing men can do. It’s great when a man actually goes out there and speaks to other men about [gender equality] because maybe their words resonate more, especially if they’re speaking as a man to a community dominated by men. That message might then get through to a lot more people.”

Anisha on... what equality means

“To me, it means if you’re in a position where you are comfortable in having the same conversation, whether you are a man or a woman. It should make no difference who you are, how you look, what background you come from or even what your life experiences are like. If you feel comfortable in just asking those questions regardless, that’s equality.”

Anisha was interviewed alongside Indy Hothi for our Creating Equality Together video.

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