Dan Jones

‘Equality for me means a meritocracy. There shouldn’t be any difference.’

Dan Jones

Job title: Manager, Legal, UK Financial Services (London)

Time at EY: Less than a year

After working for law firm Clifford Chance in their London, Paris and Dubai offices, I joined EY as one of the first employees in the new financial services legal offering. I recognise that positive discrimination in favour of women may be necessary to close the gender equality gap, and I also believe that there needs to be greater discussion about the perceived injustices of both women and men in the working world and beyond.

Dan on… whether there is equality in his workplace

“It’s not something that I’m directly impacted by, but I’ve always been surrounded by more women throughout my career. But then you look at who’s in senior positions and it’s just not the same percentage anymore. That’s certainly evident.”

Dan on… positive discrimination

“The World Economic Forum recently said that there won’t be gender equality, unless a positive step is taken, for 117 years. Clearly something needs to be done. And perhaps it’s a bitter pill to swallow as a man, that you might need positive discrimination to create that equality, but if that’s necessary to right the wrong then yes, that has to be the case.”

Dan on… the difference between men and women

“I’ve often looked at strong female partners in my profession, and I do genuinely think that perhaps there’s greater intelligence, whether emotional or otherwise. Maybe that’s part of carrying a child for nine months. Maybe it’s other elements.”

Dan on… work-life balance

“To me, it means that I’m fulfilled by work and my life outside of work. I want to be fulfilled by work. I also want to be able to step away at the end of the day, know I’ve done a good job, and then reap the rewards in my social life.”

Dan on… unconscious bias

“I suppose that’s what the World Economic Forum was saying. There needs to be a positive impetus to push past this thing that’s engendered, because men are inhabiting those positions of higher office. What’s engendered is those men hiring other men, because that’s what they know. So whilst it’s not a day-to-day obvious direct bias, it’s there.”

Dan on… the new parental leave laws

“I would happily step up to take part in it. I think it’s a fantastic thing. A friend of mine’s wife is due to give birth and he wishes he could share some of that. That sounds brilliant.”

Dan on… promoting equality

“If you make it an open dialogue, it’s no longer a complaint. It’s no longer something that nobody wants to hear. It’s a topic of conversation. Hearing other people’s stories does change your attitude, it does make you think and realise.”

Dan on… equality in parenting leave

“Often it’s not seen as acceptable for men to want to be stay-at-home dads. It’s not seen as acceptable for men to want to have certain jobs. Part of equality is accepting that some men will want to go into routes that previously were female-dominated. And accepting that women are better than men at certain jobs.”

Dan was interviewed alongside Monique Shaw for our Creating Equality Together video.

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