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"I joined EY in 2013 after having previously worked within Graduate Recruitment and Account Management roles. I've always had a passion for finding people's potential so working with such a large organisation with a commitment to finding candidates strengths seemed like the logical next step for me."

Emma on…why she joined EY

"What really appealed to me about EY was their strong drive to increase the diversity within the business. Being able to concentrate on a person’s strengths rather than which school or university they attended allows us to attract a really varied pool of candidates. This not only helps to drive the business forward but also makes it a welcoming working environment for new joiners, no matter what your background is in."  

 Emma on…her role at EY

"I'm a Lead Recruitment Helpline Advisor within the Student Hire Recruitment Services team, working with and training a team of Standby Advisors. Together we ensure that the tens of thousands of candidates who apply to EY each year experience not only a smooth recruitment process but also have a really positive experience of EY, regardless of whether or not they are successful in achieving the role they applied for. I'm involved with Corporate and Social Responsibility within our office, fundraising to support our local office charities so I'm normally trying to drum up the support of my team mates!"

Emma on…career development

"I read before I joined EY that you can drive your own career path through open and honest conversations with your manager. After I joined, I was surprised at just how accurate this was. 

Within Recruitment Services you are encouraged to speak openly about your career ambitions, regardless of whether or not your long time career ambitions lie within the department you joined or even within EY. You really feel that you can have open conversations about your development without worrying that it will have a detrimental effect on your current role and without anyone questioning your commitment to your team."

Emma on…the working environment

"At times the role can be extremely fast paced and other times you might find that you are helping a different team with a high workload, learning a new process or working on a project within the department. The firm has some ambitious targets and as a result of that the Recruitment Services team needs to respond proactively. This means that we regularly need to adapt to change and think of new solutions to the challenges we face."

Emma on…working in Birmingham

"Birmingham is a fantastic city to work in. From the various cafes, bars and restaurants to whatever shop you might need, you won’t be short of things to keep you occupied on your lunch breaks or after work. I commute in to Birmingham from Shropshire so I take the opportunity for any after work socialising whenever I can and catch the last train home. The main problem is trying not to spend all of your wages on lunches!"

Emma on…the office culture

"I'm lucky to work with a really good team. The office culture can of course vary slightly from department to department but within the UK Talent Shared Service Centre we try to make sure everyone gets to know one another and experience a really positive working environment. The Birmingham office is a completely open plan office and very few people sit in the same place every day. Flexible working is encouraged where possible so there are opportunities to work from home sometimes too. I think this all helps to keep the environment fresh and up beat so I normally find that I belly laugh on a daily basis. You can't ask for more than that."