Risk Analytics

Our clients are constantly looking at ways to minimise costs, improve productivity, and achieve operational excellence. New business risks accompany these goals and, combined with changes in the wider risk environments in which they operate, give rise to the need to continuously raise the bar in terms of how their risks are identified and managed.

Our Risk Analytics team delivers trust and confidence as part of this response by helping clients to better exploit technology and data through a wide range of analytic capabilities.

By combining our deep understanding of risk and controls with our expertise in data and analytics, we improve the quality, efficiency and insight clients achieve from their risk investments. We analyse both structured and unstructured data sources, internal and external data to their organisation, seeking to identify risk, quantify control weaknesses, shape high value intervention and testing approaches and monitor ongoing performance and compliance. Our use of advanced data analytic and data visualisation techniques underpins our ability to interpret and present data, allowing such information to become more accessible to business management and thus better inform their decision making.

In a world where a small mistake or a data related security breach can have a substantial negative impact on an organisation’s brand, reputation and performance, the need for more robust risk management has never been greater and risk analytics will continue to be a critical and increasingly substantial part this.

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