Hannah's story

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"I have been working for EY for the past year as an On-boarding Administrator within Experienced Hire Recruitment Services Team. I have recently been fortunate enough to have been promoted to Experienced Hire On-boarding Team Coach for the International team."

Hannah on…why she joined EY

"For me the big attraction was working for such a well-known and respected global organisation. I had prior experience of working within a Shared Service Centre and loved the atmosphere, everyone is learning and sharing experience with each other whilst working together as part a much larger team."

Hannah on…her role at EY

"One of the attractions for me is that every day our role is different. One day I may be arranging accommodation for a joiner from Australia and the next I am doing an offer for a joiner from Russia – there really is a huge variety of things to get involved in. I love the interaction we have with our joiners, knowing that you are providing them with Exceptional Client Service, helping them to transition not only into a new role within a new company but often into a completely new country with all the complexity that it brings. You cannot underestimate the impact of such a move on them and quite often their families. If I can support them through this change then for me, that’s a really satisfying part of the job."

Hannah on…working in Birmingham

"Having moved to Birmingham last year I can say it’s a wonderful city to live and work in. There are great commuting links and within the city there is always lots to do and places to go. Lots of great restaurants and shops, pretty much everything on your doorstep!"

Hannah on…the office culture

"Our office is one massive team all striving towards the same goal which is operational excellence. It’s a really friendly environment where advice and support are easy to find. There is a lot of knowledge and expertise across the UK Talent Shared Service Centre and it’s great to be able to share that. It is a positive and enjoyable environment to be in."