Home working and dog training: how Rebekah makes it work

Rebekah photo - eDiscovery Associate - Forensic & Integrity Services

Rebekah has been volunteering with SARDA (Search & Rescue Dog Association) for around two years. Keen to get more involved, she and her husband got Blake – a Labrador-German Shepherd cross.

Working flexibly means Rebekah can take Blake training once a week and dedicate time at home too. As training is two hours away, she works from home on training day, start and finishes earlier to get to the session on time.

"As anyone with a dog will know, training is a big commitment but training a search and rescue dog takes that to another level. Without EY's support to allow me to flex my hours and adjust my working day I simply wouldn't be able to go.”

eDiscovery Associate, Assurance