How Jessica uses her annualised contract to travel the world

Jessica photo - Manager People Advisory Services

Jessica has trekked the Sumatran jungle, backpacked through Asia and climbed Kilimanjaro, all while steadily developing her career.

When she first started, she knew she didn’t want her focus on success to get in the way of her passion for travel – or vice versa. So after taking six months’ unpaid leave, she returned on an annualised contract. This means every week she gains extra holiday time, adding up to an extra 26 days of leave a year. The days have taken to her to the Sahara and beyond, with a little extra time to unwind at the gym. 

“If you told me I’d accomplish all of this when I began working in Manchester nine years ago, I might not have believed you! I’ve happily learned that career development and personal development can be synonymous, and haven’t looked back since.” 

Manager, People Advisory Services