How Lee makes it work: extra holidays through flex

Lee photo - Senior Manager - UK&I Assurance

One of the flexible working solutions available to EY employees is to have a reduced- hours contract, work full-time and store up extra holiday. As Lee explains, it’s not just for parents.

Lee and his partner love the outdoors, cycling and travelling. But, his partner is a teacher who gets a lot of time off, so Lee’s flexible working arrangement gives him 10 weeks of holiday time. People always think that you have to be a parent to request a flexible working schedule, but he’s proof that this just isn’t true. 

When he’s in the office, he’s more focused and encourages his team to embrace agile working so they can reap the same benefits. Lee has even been known to confiscate laptops to prevent weekend working! 

 “The freedom has completely transformed my work-life balance. Besides spending more time with family, it’s given me time to pause, re-set my routine and invest in my relationships.”

Senior Manager, Digital Audit Enablement