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Jennifer Urquhart
  • Jennifer Urquhart

Having grown up on a farm, I am not used to living in big cities. Therefore I feel EY Inverness offers a good balance between being able to work for a global company and after a short commute be able to live in my quiet house in the beautiful Highland Countryside.

I joined EY Inverness 6 years ago from a local accountancy firm as I was looking for a more challenging and supportive working environment..  I wanted to work on a wider range of clients, to develop my confidence and experience working in an accounting environment and also achieve my Chartered Qualification.

In what feels like 6 very short years, I obtained my qualification with the support and encouragement from my colleagues within my first 3 years.  Since then my knowledge and experience working with clients in a variety of industries has grown as has my confidence dealing with our wide range of clients.

I enjoy the variety of the work which we carry out in the Inverness office, there are no two clients the same and each has their own unique way of working.  I have travelled to some wonderful places and worked on industries which I had no idea were in existence, let alone on my doorstep.  I enjoy the satisfaction I get from working within the audit team and feeling like my contribution has made a difference in achieving the completion of a high quality, timely audit.

During my time at EY Inverness, I have progressed from being in awe of my senior on my first job, thinking there is ‘no way’ I would ever be able to do their job, to senioring that same job over a number of years and being the main contact to assist management with their knowledge.

As the Inverness office is a smaller office it allows everyone to work closely with each other which helps to build strong friendships and working relationships.   It also offers the opportunity for more junior members of the team to get experience working on a variety of the audit relatively quickly, rather than being stuck with the same repetitive tasks for each job.

As EY is the only Big 4 in Inverness it provides training and opportunities which the other accountancy practices are not able to offer.  Within EY there is always someone available and willing to help answer your question.

The Inverness office is not all about work of course, I am involved with the social committee in the office where we organise a number of events for individual departments and for the office as a whole.  There are two main events in the year, first is the charity walk through the beautiful Scottish countryside which everyone gets involved in, if not on the walk itself then baking cakes or being involved in the support team.  The second is the Christmas party which involves the whole office enjoying an afternoon of good food and drink, good music and brilliant entertainment.

Jennifer Urquhart
  • Jennifer Urquhart

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Jennifer is an Audit Executive in EY's Assurance team in Inverness.