“You need to speak up and get involved”

The EY Talent Centre is an independent, impartial careers coaching service. It will help people who are at that stage in their career when they’re asking “What next?”

Q What makes someone entrepreneurial?
A. First and foremost, it takes grit. You need to appreciate that you will have to stick with your idea — if your proposition is new and innovative, it is ultimately not going to be on anyone’s agenda but your own. You need to get your idea onto others’ agendas through sharing it within your network — this takes not only people skills, but also ambition and determination to make it a success. When creating something, you need to have your own viewpoint but also be willing to acknowledge the opinions of others and adapt your idea to create something successful. 

Q. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs in large organisations?
A. You need to speak up and get involved – ultimately, the worst that could happen is that someone says no. I believe that you can never over-consult with an idea. Share your idea with your network and get a really robust and bolstered proposition to take forward. The key piece of advice is that you should share your idea with as many people as possible – that way, when you’re pitching to leadership, you will have addressed many of the challenges they could present you with.

Q. What’s great about working at EY?
A. Providing that you want the opportunity, that opportunity will be there for you. If you can make the right business case, you will be fully supported. There are so many business opportunities that you can have here, or you will be supported to create your own opportunity. For me, EY is almost unrivalled in this aspect.


Joe’s Story

For me, the idea of the EY Talent Centre was born out of a need that I had. I needed some support in terms of being able to navigate the different opportunities available to me after I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2013. I identified a gap, and responded in a unique and innovative way. We are the only firm doing a project like this on this scale. It’s entrepreneurial in the sense that it’s something new and something that wasn’t in the market already.

The EY Talent Centre will be able to help people navigate both their career trajectory within EY, and then by going one step further, helping them to understand what opportunities are available outside of EY. EY benefits from this by making sure that the right people are aligned to the right job. This is great for development and for the firm as a whole.