Monique Shaw

‘Equality is about every single individual having access to the same opportunities and removing any barriers to success.’

Monique Shaw

Job title: Communications & Pursuits Strategist (London)

Time at EY: Nearly 4 years

I started at EY nearly four years ago as a global brand consultant, before moving to my current role as a Communications & Pursuits Strategist. I’m also proud to be the EY Women’s Network Financial Services Lead as I strongly believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities, regardless of their gender or background.

Monique on… whether gender inequality only impacts women

“I think that gender inequality is something that impacts every single one of us, whether we’re conscious of it or not, whether we’re a man or a woman, whether we’re a woman in a position of power, or a woman who’s just starting their career. It touches every single one of us, whether that be a family member, a client, or ourselves.”

Monique on… what EY is doing to improve equality

“I think EY strives to create an environment that is equal, but we have generations and generations of patriarchy. We still have societies where women are completely disadvantaged. So, I think there are unconscious biases that take place, but I think EY really strives, at a conscious level, to create an environment that is equal.”

Monique on… the new UK parental leave laws

“I’m delighted that the UK government have put in new paternity/maternity laws, and I’ve told my husband that as and when we have children we’ll be splitting that. Equal’s equal.”

Monique on… whether teams work better if they are more equal

“Yes. There are studies, actually, that prove that diverse teams have better outcomes. So having a balance of not just equal men and women, but different skill sets, different ages, different perspectives, does achieve better outcomes.”

Monique on… what we can do to promote equality

“Talk about it. Be open and transparent. Recognise that gender inequality is an issue. It’s not something that a small percentage of women are complaining about. It affects every single one of us. Recognise that whether consciously or unconsciously, we can make decisions about people based on gender and sexuality.”

Monique on… equality in parental leave

“I think a lot of the time we talk about women and motherhood, but we don’t ask those same questions of men. I know of two colleagues who have recently returned to work, and they’re the main breadwinners. Their husbands are both stay-at-home dads. That’s a real shift in role for their partners, and it’s really important that all choices like that are embraced.”

Monique on… the differences between men and women

“There is one trait that men exhibit more than women, and that is confidence around one’s ability to do a task. Women will often second-guess their ability to work on a particular project because they may have six out of ten of the required skills or experience, and they’ll focus on the four they don’t have. Whereas men will often say, ‘Well, I’ve got six out of ten, that’ll do.’ Whereas women might hold themselves back.”

Monique on… whether we teach sexism to our children

“Absolutely. Again, it comes back to our behaviour and our biases, it comes down to the role models that you have. That’s why it’s really important that organisations have men and women at different levels role modelling success and the right behaviours for the next wave of men and women coming through the ranks.”

Monique was interviewed alongside Dan Jones for our Creating Equality Together video.

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