Nabaa's story

“I joined the firm as a graduate from university in September 2013."

"Starting off my career in a firm like EY has given me ample exposure and in the past two years I have learnt and developed skills far beyond what I learnt at university. When I started in September I was provided with adequate training and got thrown in the deep end with a project and client meetings. I got a chance to develop my technical skills and soft skills from day one. 

I have had the opportunity to learn how to program in vb.Net, learn how to use database packages like SQL and present to board members. I have also found the team to be easy to approach, being thrown into the deep end initially meant that I had a lot of questions – all of which people were willing to answer and dedicate time to explain. I am really enjoying my time at EY so far, every project is different, the team is great and I am always learning something new!”