Rahul Rajagopal

‘Having diversity of thought is great, whether it’s gender, race, age, or whatever.’

Rahul Rajagopal

Job title: Manager, Supply Chain & Operations, Advisory Services (London)

Time at EY: 3½ years

Prior to joining EY in 2012, I worked in the pharmaceutical and media & entertainment industries, as well as within supply chain and procurement at two blue chip firms. I believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to succeed, and that they should be judged on their merits – and I feel strongly that this should go beyond gender to be applied to all diversities.

Rahul on… EY’s focus on promoting equality

“Prior to EY, I was in pharmaceuticals where it was more male-orientated. At EY, there’s so much more focus on inclusiveness, especially gender and race. It’s a good thing.”

Rahul on… whether he would take paternity leave

“Absolutely. I think there is always a focus on the woman when it comes to having a child. But if men are having paternity leave as well then you’re going to erode that barrier – where somebody feels that it’s going to have a detrimental effect on their career if they have a child.”

Rahul on… whether he works in a man’s world

“Granted, it is a male culture. But we’ve had a lot of diversity in many of the projects I’ve worked on. I think it brings a different view on things, a different perception. I think having diversity of thought is great, whether it’s gender, race, age, or whatever.”

Rahul on… whether parental leave might ruin his career

“At EY, going on paternity leave probably isn’t as daunting as it used to be, because we have flexible working. I think it’s more accepted, so I think it may not have as much of a detrimental effect as one may think. If you’d asked me prior to joining EY I’d have given you a very different answer.”

Rahul on… whether EY is good at promoting women

“There is this push. If there is an opportunity to promote a female, if everything else was equal, then you would.”

Rahul was interviewed alongside Amanda Gethin for our Creating Equality Together video.

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