Ricky's story

"I joined EY in February 2013 and instantly found it to be a challenging and rewarding environment."

"The team is very supportive and invested a lot of time in bringing me up to speed with their own experiences and were keen to let me get on site for a real client as soon as possible, enabling me to implement the knowledge and skills I had learned.  This is what really sets EY apart as it is a positive, developmental culture that has been facilitated through the leadership at the very top level - this allows each individual the freedom to ignite their own ideas and receive support from their seniors in implementing them.

The work in EY is varied and exciting; analytics is at the forefront of many new RFPs and is really becoming a market differentiator through the work we perform.  Within our team we perform advanced ERP analytics which help us cover extensive areas within a given business environment and allows us to tailor our tests to mitigate and test key audit risks.  We cover various systems without limitations on data sizes and thus, each client presents a fresh challenge.  Working in an expanding area is a great opportunity and it is pleasing to see the amount of progress we have made as a team and wider practice."