Thomas Crewther

‘Why would it ever not be important for there to be equality? We’re all people.”

Thomas Crewther

Job title: Senior Consultant, Wealth & Asset Management (London)

Time at EY: 2½ years

I joined EY in September 2013 after completing a degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, and was promoted to Senior Consultant after two years on the Advisory Graduate Scheme. As someone who’s committed to promoting equality, I’m a regular presence at EY’s women’s initiatives, and have even helped design one of the EY flagship Women Gender Equality Forums.

Tom on… whether his gender might have an effect on his career

“I don’t feel like I have any additional opportunities, but then privilege is invisible to people who have it. It’s kind of a scary thought – that I wouldn’t necessarily realise that I was privileged.”

Tom on… defining ‘equality in the workplace’

“Equality is having the same career trajectory, with no impediments, no bias one way or another. Then it’s up to you to do what you can do, and as long as people recognise that you’re amazing, regardless of your gender, then you’re equal, right?”

Tom on… whether equality matters in the workplace

“Why would it ever not be important for there to be equality? We’re all people. So why say ‘Well, let’s not be nice to this group of people’? Why is that reasonable? I don’t get why equality wouldn’t be important.”

Tom on… whether working flexibility might damage his career

“It’s annoying how the culture is like that. How flexible working can be seen as a lack of commitment. That’s something that big companies need to change if they want to survive. The Facebooks, Googles and all the little start-ups – they’re all flexible, they’re very open about that. That must be able to transfer to any knowledge industry.”

Tom on… whether we’ve achieved equality already

“It is still a fight. We still need to fight for it and it still needs to happen, because the culture, especially in terms of flexibility and equality of promotions, is probably still not there. But it’s a fight that will ultimately benefit everybody, not just women. There are so many benefits to having a really equal workplace that go so far beyond the ‘We morally should do this’ argument.”

Tom on… who should be fixing inequality

“It can only be everybody’s job to fix it, because you’ve got to get corporations deciding they’re going to be more flexible, open, more equal. You’ve got to get the government doing the same thing, promoting it through education… it’s a whole cultural thing.”

Tom on… the challenges of fixing inequality

“To try and unpick all of the ridiculous knots we’ve tied ourselves into as a society has to take a long time, it has to take everybody to make an effort. But it could happen very quickly if everybody just had the will and the desire to do so. That’s the crucial bit – making everybody know that it’s important and realise that they want to do it.”

Tom on… whether his views are representative of his age group (20-30s)

“Yes. Everyone understands the importance of it. I think everybody’s optimistic. I would say there’s probably some people who don’t see it as much of a priority as perhaps we do, but they still know it’s important.”

Tom on… being optimistic for the future

“I have a lot of optimism for younger people coming through the firm. I feel like my contemporaries and my peers care about this a lot and put a lot of value on gender equality – they want to make it happen. So I hope that, as those people move up through the organisation, there will be a change at the top, which is where it has to happen for us to achieve equality.”

Tom was interviewed alongside Claudia Gerdes for our Creating Equality Together video.

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