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After working around the world with EY, Rabiya tells us what drew her to Scotland: the challenges, opportunities and client base.

Whether you want to remain in practice or do a stint in industry, work internationally or strengthen locally, if you’re able to adapt the opportunities are endless. Here, Rabiya Khalid tell us about her career as a qualified accountant and what she’s gained from moving to our Edinburgh office.


What does your job involve?

I am an external auditor, which means on a day to day basis I manage large to medium sized teams to assist in providing assurance services. Identifying inherent, business and financial statement risks and developing an audit strategy that would ensure all the risks are addressed to provide reasonable assurance. Furthermore, my role is client facing, so I spend a lot of time with senior finance management ensuring we execute our audit strategy to address the identified risks.

What have been the key points in your career so far?

Moving out of my home country 11 years ago, when it was not the norm for a woman from my culture to move to a foreign country for work. Best decision I made! More recently, moving to Edinburgh from London and learning about a whole new culture and ways of working.

What’s the most exciting thing about working at EY?

The most important thing for me is the global opportunities that are available at your door step. I started my journey from EY Pakistan then moved to EY Bahrain, after which I moved to EY London. I was also seconded to EY Houston for 3 months and now I have been in Edinburgh for a year.

Proudest moment so far?

After coaching one of my team members who was in doubt of her abilities, I saw her embrace the opportunities at EY, getting rid of self-doubt and be successful in the roles that she took up. When she was rated as a high performer, it was a proud moment for me.

What’s your next challenge?

I recently took up a leadership role to raise awareness of diversity and inclusive values at EY. With the growth the local office has seen, we now employ people from different backgrounds and nationalities from all over the world. This has created a fascinating opportunity to support the needs of different individuals and achieve new heights together.

What’s been exceptional about the development and progression opportunities you’ve had with EY?

I was a high school dropout from Pakistan. I started working with EY at the age of 18 with very little understanding of the opportunities I wanted to avail. Since then, I have travelled the world, worked with many different cultures, people and amazing clients. So, in short, the whole experience of working with EY has been exceptional and if I had the chance, I would do it all over again.

How does EY support your work/life balance?

I have always made use of the flexible working at EY. The amount of work that needs to be done can’t be controlled but what flexible working allows me control when, where and how.

What do you do to relax?

I love travelling. If I could, I would travel every weekend. I really like nature so thankfully when I can’t travel, I don’t need to go far in Scotland. Just climbing up the Arthur seat on a good day and spending some time looking at the Edinburgh Skyline, really relaxes me.

Where do you think your present role might lead?

There are always opportunities to progress at EY. My current aim is to expand my network in the Scottish market, giving me the chance to work with new people and learn about the local culture.

What makes you proud to be a qualified accountant?

The opportunities it has given me. Being a qualified accountant is a globally transferable skill that has allowed me to experience the world. I’m always excited to see where it will take me next.

What advice would you give for a qualified accountant looking to pursue the career route you’ve chosen?

Be adaptable and build a strong network by surrounding yourself with positive people. This will set you up for plenty of opportunities to grow and create an enjoyable career.


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