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Discover how Erica’s been supported to work in an entrepreneurial way and make a difference at EY in Glasgow.

International Tax Director Erica joined EY in Glasgow in the summer of 2019 to head up a new team. Still settling in, she’s already making an impact and enjoying her time at EY.


How has your experience of EY been so far?


“It’s been fantastic. Since I joined I have been able to develop my own team specialising in transfer pricing, and we’ve doubled in size in just a short time. I have also been able to lead new initiatives, for example setting up a new networking group that focuses on working with renewable energy businesses.”


How else has working at EY contributed to achieving your personal ambitions?


“Working at EY, especially in the regions, means being able to act in an entrepreneurial way while at the same time have access to a huge amount of support from a large, global organisation. I have a daughter at home so it’s great that a firm like EY affords me the flexibility I need to balance my work and home life too.”


What’s the best thing about EY in Scotland?


“EY is the biggest of the Big 4 in Scotland and is committed to expanding its team of specialists locally so we are really focused on the region and the local market.”


What do you say to friends is the best part of your job?


“Meeting really interesting clients and getting to learn all about their business. I am a naturally curious person so even after many years doing my job it always still amazes me I get paid to ask lots of questions!”


What do you enjoy most about living in Glasgow?


“I live in a village just outside Glasgow. It only takes me around 20 minutes to commute into the office but it feels like a different world. My house is next to a nature reserve and as soon as the train has left the city centre and heads into the countryside I always feel better! It helps me to switch off from a busy day and go home feeling relaxed.”


If you had to sum up your career or favourite part of your job in one item, what would it be?


“A career-defining object would be a microscope. Why? I like to know everything about a client’s business and approach this in a scientific way by breaking it down and putting each part of their business ‘under the microscope’.”


And if you had to sum up your city in one item what would it be?


“Definitely a raincoat! You really can get all four seasons in one day on the West Coast of Scotland and I never leave home unprepared these days! Having said that, without the rain our dear green city wouldn’t be so green and without the rain we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine as much as we do when it finally comes out.


“There’s also food. One dish for me is chicken tikka masala. It was apparently invented in Glasgow and it embodies everything I love about the city – its rich and diverse cultural heritage combined with a flair for inventiveness. It was also the first type of curry my daughter ever tried, aged 1, and she absolutely loved it.”



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