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I started my career working in the Treasury department of one of Australia’s largest property developers. I spent 6 years managing all aspects of the Treasury function including five corporate banking platforms and the company’s Treasury Management System. In 2011 I decided I needed a new challenge.

The appeal of being surrounded by professionals from all over the globe with a diverse background of skills and experience seemed like a great way to develop my own breadth of expertise. 

I moved to London where I had the opportunity to try something completely new; I joined the IT Advisory function at EY where I’ve worked for the past five years with both UK based and Global banks to deliver sustainable IT change in their business. 

I had myself been a client of EY in my previous job so it was a brand I knew and trusted. EY is always adapting to the market and finding innovative new ways of working in a way which best complements each of our clients. As a firm, we recognise that each of our clients is unique and adapt our delivery approach accordingly.

In a technology-driven area such as IT Advisory, this comes with its own unique set of challenges. You have to ignore all the stereotypes typically conjured up by the thoughts of working in technology. Technology can mean so many different things these days and developing one's career in this space is not restricted to working for a traditionally tech company. Gone are the days that ‘technology’ means working in a dim office developing code!

I think the biggest issues faced by anyone working in a technology environment right now is not only keeping up to speed with the latest advancements in the sector, but understanding the limitations that come with legacy systems in established institutions. With the exception of start-ups, we are not often faced with a blank slate and so comes the challenge of working out an optimal solution often using elements of both old and new technology. 

But the benefit of being a technology professional at EY is the broad array of topics we cover in the technology space. Being exposed to the way different businesses are doing things leads to a greater perspective on the latest developments in the technology space, as well as a more varied view on the challenges being faced in the industry. Working for EY also guarantees automatic access to a huge and invaluable repository of knowledge and experience in the form of all of your colleagues. 

Another challenge I have faced recently has been a more personal one - and in fact has been my proudest achievement: returning to work after full time after 12 months of maternity leave and working through the new challenges of balancing career and carer commitments. It really shouldn’t be underestimated how big a change it is for women (and men) returning from a career break and how important it is for companies to recognise and support employees during this transition.  

Fortunately, I work from home one day a week to ease the burden of the daily battle that is getting across london during rush hour! My preferred personal working style is to do as much of my work face-to-face as possible, but being able to add this flexibility into my week is very beneficial. 

Andrea Stacey
  • Andrea Stacey

About the author

Andrea works as an IT Advisory Senior Manager for EY's Financial Services business in the UK. She joined the firm in 2011 after starting her career in Australia.