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Helena Wielding Fernandes
  • Helena Wielding Fernandes

My career has been through a few changes, but I have always remained in IT and technology.

I started my career doing sales and services in a trade tech company based out of Sweden, where I am from. It was a great company to start my career, as it gave me a lot of exposure to clients all over Europe. I had a fantastic learning experience spending a year in Paris to support the setup of a new sales office.

My next role was for a non-profit organisation supporting the IT and telecoms industry of southern Sweden, for whom I was a project manager. My main focus was on start-ups and SMEs which I supported through business development and internationalisation. I am a big fan of the digital era and being connected everywhere and at any time. When working with start-ups I would work from home, the office, cafes; you name it. 

In 2015 I joined EY based permanently in London. I was looking for a new challenge and I thought management consultancy would be suitable as I could combine my skills from my previous experiences. EY specifically appealed to me because of its global network - the offices around the world are truly connected and work together on a global scale. Knowledge is shared and everybody is contributing to it. 

I've been amazed that for being a big global organisation there is still room for being entrepreneurial. I was driving a sales project in Denmark where we wanted to get clients into one of our managed services. Very few believe that we would be able to break into the market, however in less than one year we had 8 clients on board - exceeding our target by 100%! My biggest achievement at EY so far.

EY's expansion into the technology area also strengthens that entrepreneurial streak within the organisation. There are many opportunities to be part of new services and solutions being developed internally. As a technology professional here, you become exposed to a variety of businesses and technologies and can develop a broad skillset.

It is a great opportunity to understand and work with the business implementation of technology and the value it is adding. But it's essential to keep up with the changes in the industry. Understand what new technologies and innovations are out there, how they are impacting the world, the industry, your business and most important your clients. It’s tough to stay on top of the curve and anticipate the next trends, but it is also what makes it so interesting. 

Helena Wielding Fernandes
  • Helena Wielding Fernandes

About the author

Helena is a Manager in EY Financial Services' IT Advisory Risk and Compliance team. She joined EY Denmark in 2015 and has since had a permanent base in London.