Pierre's story

Pierre Pourquery photo

EMEIA Financial Services Partner Pierre Pourquery leads the Control and Compliance solution for Europe. He tells us the importance of having a strategic mindset and why this attracted him to EY.

"I've been with EY for nearly three years now. What really attracted me was our approach to helping banks develop their strategy. 

With the introduction of heavy regulation that emerged after the crisis in 2007, the constraint on banks has been incredibly difficult in terms of the cost of running the business, the cost of capital, cost of equity - all these  things which have significantly reduced the ability and the appetite to grow. You need to understand how all this regulation is impacting banks because at the end it’s this regulation that will impact how the business is going to be shaped.

So that’s why I joined EY - I knew we were very strong in regulatory advisory and I recognised that combining regulatory advisory with a strong strategic mind-set would be a very powerful thing for banks. Because the issues we work on are so complex, you need a strategic mind-set and a different approach to not only provide advice but also explain how banks should transform.

We're making a significant move to having a strategic mind-set coupled with the ability to implement, that's a rare thing in the market. The vision is that we have a multidisciplinary team which can provide an end to end service for clients, and is fully integrated so we use our various expertise when needed. We need to provide our financial services clients with a product and service that relies on deep expertise and a focus on embedding strategy into business as usual.