Excelling at work while enjoying life

In the three years since Stuart Howie joined EY in Glasgow, he’s been promoted twice and become a parent for the first time.

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Stuart Howie

Stuart started his career at a small firm in Ayr. In 2016, eager for a new challenge, he decided to join EY in Glasgow. “The opportunities I’ve had since have been second to none. It’s a big firm, with an impressive portfolio that’s growing all the time, especially in Scotland. With so many new clients from so many different sectors, there’s always lots of variety – it keeps you on your toes.”

Learning and development plays a crucial role in getting to know new clients and sectors. “There’s so much support to help get you up to speed. Straight away, you get teamed up with people who can give you extra coaching and even offer you more regular mentoring if there are any areas you need help with.”

Using data to improve insights 

One of the highlights for Stuart is working with the latest technology. “EY is always releasing new tools that help make our job easier and more interesting. We have programs that allow us to test full data sets for our clients’ businesses and identify high risk transactions in a much more accurate way than before.”

Armed with this kind of data, Stuart can deliver incredibly accurate results. “Clients love it because it asks more challenging questions that make them think, and it keeps audit quality high.”

Flexing work around fatherhood

As a new father, Stuart has been making the most of EY’s flexible work culture: “It’s just brilliant. Having recently had a wee boy, I’m able to flex my routine so I can get home early and spend time with the family before Finn’s bedtime. If I need to, I can catch up on any work once he’s asleep.”

But, as he points out, you don’t have to be a new parent to enjoy dynamic working – it’s open to everyone. “We have busy periods – generally during the first six months of the year, as most clients’ year end falls between December and April – and that means that July and August tend to be quieter. We’re all encouraged to flex our schedules accordingly, to work from home and reduce unnecessary travel.”

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