From placement to partner

If you join EY in Aberdeen you’ll get plenty of opportunities to advance your career. Like Gemma Noble, who arrived on a summer placement and never looked back.

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Gemma Noble - Aberdeen

Gemma Noble remembers her first experience of EY vividly. It was back in 2004 when she joined on a summer placement from Aberdeen University. “Those were six very valuable weeks. It was a great opportunity to meet everyone in the business and see if I enjoyed the work.” When she was offered a graduate role, she was delighted.

Fast forward to today, and she’s now a Partner in the Assurance team, specialising in oil and gas.

Her career progression is not unique. “I have many colleagues who joined us from mid-tier firms and have since had promotions and progression,” she says. “We have sustained growth and a consistent promotion rate year on year. When it comes to getting promoted, it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from – it’s all about where you are now, and the potential that you show.”

Gemma believes that it’s thanks to the resources available at EY that she’s been able to develop her career. “I benefited from formal training, leadership programmes, new client opportunities and secondments,” she says. “Importantly, this gave me the opportunity to drive my own career, while having the stability of being at EY.” And she believes in paying this forward too.

“I take the same approach with my team – helping them identify the right opportunities to develop their careers in the direction they want. Recognition is also important. We ran a ‘Coaching Superstar’ competition and gave prizes to the best coaching individual and team. We have a wall where we highlight achievements such as exam passes, client achievements or even personal celebrations, like getting married!”

A growing and diversified client base

As the Aberdeen office expands, Gemma’s team is getting a chance to work in industries beyond their main oil and gas clients.

“EY’s Aberdeen Assurance team has grown consistently over the past few years. This has allowed us to continue investing in and developing our people. We still have an oil and gas specialism but are beginning to diversify into other sectors too, like food and beverages. The important thing is that you get all the training you need, whether that’s delivered locally (as our oil and gas classes are) or as part of a national programme.”

“So new recruits don’t need experience in oil and gas to work here, and my team won’t work solely on oil and gas clients.”

Staying local but with global reach

“All our people have different life priorities,” says Gemma. “While we’re looking to diversify the portfolio of privately-owned local clients, we’re ensuring that the vast majority will be in commutable distance of our Aberdeen office.” This means those who want to remain close to home for their job can do so, while those who love UK and global travel still have plenty of opportunity.

This prioritisation is also reflected in the team’s use of EY’s flexible-working charter. It means everyone can finish at 1pm on Fridays and people are able to schedule where and when they work.   

But, for Gemma, Aberdeen’s most vital ingredient is its people. “There is such a supportive and engaged team environment here. We really are all working together.”

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