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Our Capital Markets team helps clients change the landscape of their businesses while managing evolving global financial regulations. With over 100 team members from more than 20 countries, our team contains some of the brightest minds in the industry.

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We spoke to Ann Tran, Senior and Randy Ventanilla, Manager, from our London office about their experiences on the team and what excites them about their work.


You’re both from international offices, can you tell us how you moved to EY London?


Ann: I began my career at EY Singapore, but I only discovered the breadth of work and talent in the UK Capital Markets team after collaborating on a project. I was so impressed by the diversity of the team that I expressed interest to move to the UK. It’s been an incredible experience and the work I do touches on many different parts of accounting advisory.


Randy: I started my career at EY in the Philippines and spent five years there. I left, moved to London and was keen on joining again once I learned about the interesting work our UK team is doing. I quickly found myself back at EY!


How has EY supported you throughout your careers?


Ann: My Singapore team was incredibly supportive when I wanted to move to the UK, and have been essential mentors throughout my career. There are many training and development opportunities at EY. For example, if I ever have to take study leave for exams, my manager ensures I’m able to balance my work and study schedules.


Randy: EY has supported me immensely since joining. I’ve been vocal about wanting to travel and explore other offices. When I worked in the Philippines, I was sent to the US on a short-term rotation programme where I spent five months in California. When I told my manager I wanted exposure in tech, they assigned me a variety of tech clients. When you articulate what you want to achieve they’re incredibly flexible.


Please describe the work you do


Ann: I’ve been working with one global client, helping them to implement and analyse the impact of changes to accounting standards. I’ve had the chance to travel between their European offices to help them. Although I work with one client, I get to work on different areas of their business, like data migration and analysis.


Randy: Since joining, I’ve worked on three clients and projects, one of which required me to spend six months between Milan and Budapest. I worked with senior stakeholders, offering general accounting support, solving internal accounting concerns. The second project was an audit for a global business, so I worked with teams from all over the world. The most recent project has been very exciting, I’m working on an IPO transaction for an international company.


It sounds like you both really enjoy what you do. Why do you think Capital Markets is an exciting place to be right now?


Ann: There’s a lot of diversity in both the people you work with and projects you work on. You have the chance to learn and get a lot of exposure which will help you for the rest of your career, whether you stay with EY or not. We have a great work environment, people are friendly and supportive so you don’t just build a career, you make friends.


Randy: There’s a wide range of interesting, high profile clients to work on. It’s a great opportunity to meet senior stakeholders and industry leaders, both inside and outside of the company. The travel opportunities really excite me, but overall, I’d say the flexibility is the best part. For example, if you have a family and can’t travel much they take this into consideration. They give you valuable projects that advance your career but fit your lifestyle.


You’ve both touched on the flexibility at EY, do either of you work flexibly?


Ann: So far, I haven’t had to but when I need to take leave for exams they’ve been very supportive.


Randy: I’m part of the EY sports programme on the badminton team. When I had to travel almost weekly for work, one of the arrangements I made was being in London every Thursday so I could go to training every Friday. The best part is, you never have to justify it – if it’s important to me, it’s accommodated.


Have either of you been involved in charity work, a CSR project or the arts?


Ann: I have an interest in art, so I keep an eye on the EY arts club page. EY supports many different exhibitions and employees get free or discounted tickets. The last one I went to was the “Impressionists in London” at Tate Britain and loved it!


Randy: I hope to be more involved in charity work – we’re given a certain number of hours each year to volunteer wherever we’d like.

Is there anything about working at EY London that has surprised you?


Ann: Not that I didn’t expect it, but what impressed me most was how supportive people are. When you express an interest in certain areas someone will guide you in the right direction. The friendliness of people here blew me away.


Randy: Something that surprised me was how much our London team emphasises recognition. We have a programme that gives us the opportunity to celebrate colleagues and the impact they’re having on the team. You’re encouraged to tell people how much you value their work.


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