Louisa's story

Louisa Martin

“EY is a big firm with big clients, but gives you all the support you need to make the transition as easy as possible.”

Louisa Martin, Senior Audit Manager in our Luton office, talks about her experiences at EY and the benefits for ACCA candidates coming into the firm.

“I joined EY nearly 14 years ago straight from University, and have worked in Audit for most of my career. During that time I’ve worked on nearly 100 different clients from a range of industries.”

Louisa’s experiences have seen her travel across the UK and even a couple of trips abroad.

“I’ve carried out audits in California and Switzerland. To have that chance to visit other countries that you may not otherwise be able to do, and to work with other teams across the world – both were fantastic experiences!”

She did all of this after qualifying as an ACCA accountant – not the traditional ACA route graduate trainees usually work towards in professional services firms like EY.

“There is no difference between the opportunities available for ACCA and ACA candidates. It’s about your ambition and what you want to achieve. ACCA is a qualification the same as the others, so you’re on a level playing field and get the same support.

“Since I’ve qualified, EY have supported me by asking me what different types of clients I’d like to work on. They also offer me the opportunity to work closer to home. I work reduced hours so am quite flexible with how I work – EY is good at supporting this way of working.”

And flexible working is one of the many cultural aspects that Louisa enjoys about working at EY.

“The people side of things is key. I have a great group of friends here who I socialise with, and we have a great global network at EY. There are opportunities for overseas secondments and even training courses overseas – you really do feel that you are part of a global firm.”

Louisa also enjoys being based in her local office in Luton.

“I live in Hertfordshire so while my commute to Luton is probably the same as London, it’s a lot nicer!

“Luton is one of the smaller offices so we all know each other well. We socialise as an office and everything is very friendly – I have relationships with colleagues across service lines and not just in Audit.”

“I think the opportunities we have are the same as the bigger offices. You don’t have to move to a bigger office to get involved in big projects. In audit we have such a wide client base anyway so you might find yourself working in different locations – not always in Luton.”

And what final piece of advice does she have for candidates with an ACCA background coming to EY?

“EY is a big firm and we have big clients, but you’ll get all the support, training and time you need to make the transition an easy process. We’ll team you up with people who can give you extra coaching if necessary, and offer you more regular mentoring and support if there are any areas you need help with.”

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