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I joined EY’s London-based Capital Markets team from Deloitte Toronto, in August 2015. I was really excited by the prospect of being exposed to high profile transactions and the sheer variety of projects available – not to mention the opportunity to work among a diverse group of people. When I received the job offer, the decision to move was an easy one to make.

A traditional audit role can sometimes feel predictable and repetitive year on year, whereas in Capital Markets the varied nature of the work means you’re working with different teams and varying styles and it challenges you constantly to learn new things.

I’ve worked on exciting projects such as assisting two US companies in converting US GAAP financial statements to IFRS, performing a PCAOB uplift for a Europe-based multinational going through a US IPO, and helping a major telecoms company implement a new revenue recognition standard.

I particularly enjoy this aspect of Capital Markets because I’ve been able to travel to so many places in both Europe and North America, and improve my softer skills by working with people from different backgrounds. I was amazed at how diverse my team was when I first met them and how we all trust each other to manage our own workload. I realised that EY stands out from its competitors by being a truly global organisation that can offer a strong flexible working environment where you can balance your personal life.

I’ve also been impressed by how the firm supports and develops its people from the outset. EY offers a comprehensive relocation package, including visa application support, shipping, interim accommodation upon arrival and relocation allowance. I felt comfortable reaching out to the HR team for any questions I had during the process, and received fantastic guidance from many members of my team who’d undergone a similar experience moving from one place to another.

Once you join, you’re given a ‘Counsellor’ who helps you set goals and build a pathway to progression. In my case when I requested to be put on a particular project in order to better prepare myself for EY’s audit tool and methodology, I found my team to also be very supportive. They helped me identify a role that will enable me to gain the skillset required to pass the manager assessment. The experience was invaluable and after just one year I received a promotion!

As someone who relocated from a different country – from a different firm – I know how frustrating the relocation process can be, however based on my experience with EY the rewards definitely outweigh the costs. Keeping an open mind is important, as you will struggle with things you take for granted when you are at home. Doing your research beforehand will help, but having a good support network – friends, firm, new colleagues who understand what you are going through etc. – is the most important thing. At EY you have this, and a whole lot more!


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Meng Li
  • Meng Li

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Meng Li joined EY in August 2015, relocating from Canada where she previously worked for Deloitte to join our Capital Markets team in London.