Narmada's story

“Some of the experience I picked up whilst off work has really helped me progress.”

Before joining EY, Narmada made the decision to take 15 months off to pursue a Masters in Data Analytics, but that wasn’t the first time she had left the workforce.

“My career started off in India many years ago, where I was working in a computer firm. I moved around India, Dubai and Doha with my husband (who worked in the Oil and Gas industry), whilst taking time off to have two children.  I worked part-time for a newspaper, learnt French and took IT courses along the way. We then moved to America where I was initially on a non-working visa. However, I used the opportunity to volunteer with women’s groups and help out at our children’s school. Leading a team of volunteers is great for developing people skills – you don’t have any authority over your team!



From the States we moved to Aberdeen.  It took me about 7 months before securing a full time role, but once I had a foot in the door, I was quickly promoted three times and reached a pretty senior position in seven years.

We then moved to London, where I enrolled in a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics to broaden my field of expertise.  Upon graduating In Oct 2014, I joined the Forensic Data Analytics team at EY.

It felt good to be working again, and I was glad I had not let the pile of rejection letters drain my confidence away. One major lesson learnt is to keep developing whilst you are off work, whether that’s a course, volunteering with your community or developing public-speaking skills. Do something that keeps you from stagnating, and even if it doesn’t look like a proper job on your resume, you still pick up valuable skills along the way. Some of the experience I picked up whilst off work has really helped me progress in my career now.”

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