Innovation, Technology and Transformation

Innovation, disruption and technology continue to drive dramatic change. It's impacting the way we work at EY and it will continue to fuel our growth in People Advisory Services. More than ever before our clients are demanding innovative, technology-enabled solutions to their business issues.


This is where our Innovation Technology Transformation team comes in. We leverage emerging technology such as AI, VR, AR, and RPA to meet our clients most complex needs, bringing together people with key skills such as automation, data analytics, data science, visualisation, UX, change and process improvement. Our goal is to create more value for our clients by finding ways to disrupt ourselves, make innovation part of our culture, and turn great ideas into reality. 


The work is interesting and diverse; one day you could be facilitating ideation sessions for automation. The next, you could be researching future strategies for responding to disruption in a specific sector. You will continually get the opportunity to contribute to the development of new ideas and concepts, turning initial ideas into viable and feasible, commercially astute concepts, in an environment unconstrained from the day to day business operations.


If you’re passionate about improving the way people work, can apply design thinking and agile development methodologies, and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment where ideas are free-flowing, you’ll fit right in our Innovation, Technology and Transformation team. Our investment in this space has led us to being recognised as the most innovative provider in many of the markets in which we operate. Innovation and great ideas are being generated by our people across People Advisory Services, and you can play a huge part in making it happen.


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