From George Square to Times Square

Wish you could work in a local, close-knit team and still enjoy an international career? Meet Ashleigh Mackay, who’s fortunate enough to enjoy the best of both worlds at EY Glasgow.

Ashleigh Mackay

When Ashleigh Mackay first joined EY in 2012, she admits she didn’t really know what she wanted to do. Today, she’s a Tax Manager in the Private Mid-Market Scotland team at EY Glasgow, with a number of international secondments under her belt and a world of knowledge.


According to Ashleigh, the secondment opportunities available allowed her to develop a much broader set of skills both personally and professionally. She credits these experiences in New York and India, as well as her client secondment to a large Plc, for her rapid career progression at EY. Just a year after she qualified, Ashleigh was promoted to Manager – an impressive achievement.


“A client secondment shows you what clients really value, how they perceive things, and what their pain points really are. This allows you to learn to see things from different perspectives and have a more well-rounded view of things,” she says. “Secondments also allow you to learn about the different cultural aspects of each team so you can help break down barriers – which is an incredibly useful skill in business.”


Variety of work and clients to learn from


As someone who’s innately curious and ambitious, Ashleigh relishes the opportunities that EY has given her to try and learn new things. “Variety keeps me working here,” she admits. “I’ve learned a lot by working with a range of different clients and people within the business.”


After her recent stint in New York on secondment, Ashleigh is now looking forward to her next challenge. As part of the Private Mid-Market team, she’ll be focusing on private middle market clients, working on winning business and building relationships with both new and old clients.


A welcoming, close-knit and diverse team


Ashleigh remembers being surprised by how “normal” everyone at EY was, as well as the diversity of the team.


“I come from a background where going to university and having a good career aren’t ‘the norm’, and my preconception was that everyone working in a big firm like this would be really posh. But really, that couldn’t be further from the truth – everyone is really friendly and unpretentious,” she laughs. “There are all kinds of people here and it’s very inclusive – everyone is welcome.”


Even though the EY Glasgow office is large, with lots of sub-teams, Ashleigh says EY leaders make a conscious effort to make everyone feel included by creating a culture that brings people together.


“There are away days and team-building events – last year we went to Perth and we have crazy golf event in a couple of weeks,” she smiles. “And although we’re in Glasgow, we regularly connect with the other offices via Webcasts and training days, so we’re not isolated from the rest of the firm.”

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