Global Compliance and Reporting

Global Compliance and Reporting Tax video screengrab

The Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) team helps companies gain more control, efficiency and value in their tax and finance so they can be more focused on their business strategy.


We do this by integrating EY’s tax and financial teams at both a regional and global level, delivering a seamless record-to-report experience.


We believe a great culture starts with great people. That’s why we look for colleagues who have integrity, enthusiasm, courage and respect. These values are essential to the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities. Beyond this, we look for individuals who have an eye for new opportunities and keen negotiation skills. These candidates have excellent time management, the ability to work collaboratively and are excited by new technology.


A role with EY gives you the opportunity to learn from everyone you meet while developing your business, client and personal leadership skills. You’ll contribute to high-performing teams with confidence and expertise. Our flexible working culture means you get more choice in the ways you work and our global programme, Better begins with you, brings our values to life by recognising and celebrating your success.




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