Lynn’s story: Finding flexibility close to home

After taking a break from her tax career to raise her family, Lynn wanted to return to work in a supportive and flexible environment that would work for her family. In September 2019, Lynn re-joined EY in Aberdeen as a Manager in International Tax and Transaction Services.

Lynn Drysdale (1)

Joining a talented team

For Lynn, it was the prospect of staying close to home in Aberdeen as well as EY’s reputation that attracted her to join. “The Tax team here have such a solid reputation for being one of the best in the oil and gas market and that’s something the team should be really proud of.”

Being part of a smaller office and team is one of the reasons Lynn feels EY in Aberdeen is such an exciting place to work. “You get great exposure to work with different clients. We’re a very open and approachable team, regardless of seniority level. There are highly skilled members in the Tax team to learn from and people feel comfortable to voice their opinion.”

Continuous development

During the interview process Lynn heard about EY Reconnect, a 12-week programme aimed at supporting people back into work after a career break. “I decided to join EY through the programme. I’m so glad I did -  it was a fantastic way of easing me back into the working lifestyle again. It connected me with a great support network of women (though of course the programme is open to men as well!), and the coaching provided really helped deal with the emotional aspects of returning to work such as guilt (for me, as a mum) and being reminded I’ve got the skills, expertise etc.”

Lynn says one of the key changes since returning to work has been the development of new technologies. “We’re using lots of new technology day-to-day, from compliance tools to project management systems that take away a lot of the administrative burden. We can now focus more on providing insights to clients. There are plenty of web-based learning and development resources, giving you the opportunity to upskill or refresh your knowledge at your pace. This really helped me get back up to speed quickly.”

Making flexibility work

Lynn works four days a week, three of which are usually in the office. She was surprised by how flexible EY could be in accommodating her need to work part-time. “I was shocked by how flexible it is and how much they care. The HR team made it clear that EY recruit based on the person and that they trust their employees to deliver within the arrangements they agree. That attitude made me really keen to work here.”

For Lynn, making flexibility work for herself and the team is all about communication. “It’s important to be proactive. If I’m doing anything different to my standard working pattern in the week ahead, I email my team on the Monday, so they know where I am and what I’m doing. My voicemail and email signatures are always up to date, so that if I don’t respond immediately, people know why.”

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