Victoria Price

Victoria Price - hero image

Victoria is a Partner in the EY Tax practice and accredits much of her success to the entrepreneurial mind-set that EY actively promotes among their people.

Q Why is an entrepreneurial mind-set important in EY employees?
This is something that sets us apart from the other Big Four. Our focus on growth and innovation is in line with what we see with our clients. This has helped build our relationships with entrepreneurial businesses around the world. Being a partner enables you to encourage an entrepreneurial culture within your team. 

Q How would you describe the culture at EY? 
Very inclusive and focused on teamwork – people are allowed to shine. You get a sense of pride from the success you get through other people and your clients.

Q What does EY do to encourage entrepreneurialism? 
Openness to new ideas, allowing people to shape their careers the way they want to – EY really gives you the opportunity to flourish.

Q What’s the advice you would give to someone looking to be more entrepreneurial within a large organisation?
Take more risks and responsibility around shaping your career. Engage with clients and take them on your journey. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there.


Victoria's Story

I trained in two smaller firms and came to EY with the ambition to work with bigger clients. 3 year after I joined, one of the leadership team asked if Entrepreneurialism is something that interests me, this led me to working on Entrepreneur of the year.

I am 32, have 3 children and work part time, I am also a partner. This has been made possible by being allowed to shape my career. An example of this was a £2bn a year company that I cold called, and turned them into a client – The company was very entrepreneurial so I was able to align myself with them very easily. I was impressed with their ambition and growth, and I knew we could offer them world class service.