Forensic Technology & Discovery Services

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Be part of EY’s Forensic Technology & Discovery Services (FTDS) team and you’ll use state of the art tools to support clients with compliance management, fraud investigation and fraud detection.

The team forms part of the wider Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) business unit and specialises in forensic technology services encompassing eDiscovery, Forensic Data Analytics and IT Forensic investigations.

Our Forensic Data Analytics team are a global group of technical specialists that practice the full life cycle of data management from the early stages of data scoping and capture, to its management, analysis and reporting. The nature of our work will typically require you to work with large datasets from disparate data sources to support fraud investigations and disputes for our clients covering a range of industries. You’ll achieve this by combining deep forensic investigation knowledge with advanced data analytics techniques such as investigative data linking, social network analysis, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive modelling.

In the eDiscovery team, you’ll specialise in identifying, collecting and producing large volumes of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for our clients in the form of emails, documents, databases, audio/video files, social media, web sites and more. You will secure and analyse the information to separate the relevant data for use as evidence for litigations and financial investigations.

The IT Forensics team are experts over a variety of different disciplines in forensic technology. Our work involves finding out the “who, what, when and how” of an investigation and can provide expert testimony in court if required. This involves collecting data from a variety of different sources for cyber investigations. We have also developed a Cyber Threat Intelligence  capability for our clients where we gather and review intelligence from multiple external sources to inform them of potential cyber-threats. We also help our software publisher clients through our Software Licence Forensics team, by providing indisputable evidence around non-compliance when conducting audits with customers in difficult or litigious situations.