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Graduate – Reportage – 2015 - 25

Anna tells us why she joined EY Operational Transaction Services and how the firm's flexible working approach has made her return to work from maternity leave easier:

Before I joined EY I had six years’ experience in management consulting, two Master’s Degrees from Stockholm and an MBA from Cambridge.  

My management consulting experience came through six years working at Accenture, specialising in strategy and organisational change, with a focus on banking and financial services clients. That included everything from organisational design, performance management, career models and cost reduction. In 2010 I decided to do my MBA. It really helped me with understanding different aspects of a business, broadened my views, and helped me develop and grow as a person.

Before I went on maternity leave I was promoted to Assistant Director. When I returned, it felt as though I'd never left!

I hadn’t come across EY’s Operational Transaction Services before I went along to their presentation one evening during my MBA course. Once I met the team, I came to a realisation: I wanted to continue in consulting but in the fast-paced setting of transactions. The thought of applying my MBA experience and my background in consulting in a new context, and even working in a new geography, really excited me. I realised then I wanted to work for Operational Transaction Services at EY.

Operational Transaction Services in London is a diverse and international team - and a close one too! Despite our scale, it feels like we’re part of a small firm in a large organisation, so it’s more personal. For example, when I came back from maternity leave, I had a lot of support from team members around my flexible working needs.

I can start early, leave before 4:30 and then resume working at 7pm after my son is in bed. The benefit is that I can see my son every day and still have a great career at EY. Of course, it’s always tough to leave the office when your team is still there but I’m sure it’s something I’ll get used to! Different people work in different ways and I’m finding that having a break for a few hours, even taking a short break for some fresh air, is more productive that being constantly in the office.

Before I went on maternity leave, I was promoted to Assistant Director. When I returned, it felt like I never left. The team has stability – we’ve grown and recruited a lot of new people but the core senior people are still here and very supportive.

It’s a people business – you work with people, you work in teams. There’s a lot of business and practice development ongoing and I’m learning a lot by catching up with my team and getting involved in my new role. 

And it’s fun!

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Anna Brain
  • Anna Brain

About the author

Anna Brain is an Operational Transaction Services Assistant Director for IT Capability. She joined EY in 2011 after completing her MBA.