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"Professionally I am born and bred in IT. Starting my career as an ERP consultant, I got first-hand experience of how IT makes difference to the business where you least expect it to.

"Spending time in ERP consulting can take you to one of the two conclusions - "Technology is the solution to specific business problems" or "Technology is the driver for business transformation". I concluded the latter. I set myself the goal to become more than just an ERP consultant and my journey began with an MBA from one of the top business schools in UK. 

"That same belief and desire made me choose EY over traditional IT consulting firms after completing my MBA. I had multiple tempting options to go back to becoming a better paid ERP consultant but none of them offered me the chance to go beyond the IT mind-set. Working for EY as a part of the Operational Transaction Services team gave me everything that I was looking for. I've been exposed to almost all the aspects of business through the technology lenses. 

"During my time at EY, I have had the chance to work on some very interesting opportunities, working with multinational corporates as well as family-run businesses. Some of the most exciting work I have done has been with small and medium enterprises, and one of the client projects I worked on has been recognised by the Management Consultancy Awards. When I look back at my career, my biggest achievements have been being part of launching some of the most exciting SME businesses into a global market-place.

"My EY experience enables me to bridge the technology and business gap that I have always observed sitting on the technology side of the fence. I believe that businesses can get much more out of their IT investments, if the IT decisions are taken by leaders with a perspective on what it means for the business. I have realised that it is important to understand how every decision impacts the CEO’s agenda, be it choice of handheld device for a shop floor manager or the technology that feeds the data from handheld to the ERP system; it all needs to link to the business strategy and goals.

"The journey with EY has been has been exciting and enriching beyond just the client assignments. EY has provided me excellent opportunities for personal development and to pursue my passion. I have had the pleasure to work with EY leadership on various diversity and inclusiveness initiatives. I take pride in the fact that I am making a different not just to EY’s clients but also to my colleagues and the society at large.

"When I joined Operational Transaction Services, it was one of the smallest team in Transactions with just 50 people. These were extremely talented people led by visionary leaders. Since then the team has grown multi-fold but continues to retain the entrepreneurial spirit with people at heart of the strategy."

Kiran Govekar
  • Kiran Govekar

About the author

Kiran is an Assistant Director within EY's Operational Transaction Services team, focusing on IT.

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