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Before joining EY I worked in small teams for local consultancies in my home country, Armenia. I knew there would be challenges to overcome in joining a global organisation like EY but I was excited by the prospect.

I joined as an Executive right after completing my MBA from Oxford University. One of the main reasons I was attracted to Operational Transaction Services was the nature of the work: it was – and still is – very exciting to be working on deals that are making the headlines every day.

It allows IT professionals like me to apply a transactions lens to the work we do and discover a whole new world outside IT.

The other main reason for joining was the nature of the team – a group of very talented, driven and cooperative individuals.

Adapting to a large team of 200+ people after working in much smaller teams was a huge challenge – as was adapting to the working culture of the UK. However, thanks to the great support I received from the OTS team, I overcame these challenges earlier and easier than anticipated.

Just two months after joining the firm I managed to successfully complete my first project, receiving fantastic recognition from the team and my client for the work done. There have been many achievements at EY, but this one is perhaps the most important one for me.

By pushing myself out of my comfort zone and approaching everything with a “can-do” attitude, I’ve seen how some of the biggest challenges can turn into the greatest opportunities.

Lilit Mughalyan
  • Lilit Mughalyan