Transactions Restructuring

EY Restructuring provides leadership in difficult and complex situations to rapidly solve, execute and ultimately transform the outcome for our clients and the organisations we work with.


Whether our clients are companies, government organisations, investors, or financial stakeholders, and whether they are on the brink of a crisis or seeking to build resilience in their business, we work closely alongside them to deliver the financial and organisational outcomes that enable them to adapt and succeed.


We are deeply embedded within the wider, EY Transaction Advisory business, providing a breadth of services to help solve our clients’ most complex challenges. For more information about each of our services, please follow this link.


Within our Restructuring team, you will work across many different sectors, honing your skills through situational experience. You will be challenged to learn and develop in a multifaceted way, while being supported by your leaders, managers and peers. Your commercial mind, intuition and drive will enable you to transform businesses and progress your career.



“You never stop learning because you have huge exposure to the rest of EY and get to work with all the sector teams.”

Simon Edel, Partner, EY Restructuring team, UK & Ireland
Simon Edel

Simon, how did your journey at EY begin?

I joined EY in the Restructuring team as a trainee, 19 years ago. I found out very quickly about real responsibility – as a 21-year-old I was tasked with running a company that was in insolvency. I was making decisions around employees, supply agreements and sales processes. I loved the challenge, and that responsibility grew as I moved up into management, and now as a partner.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

Fundamentally, what we do changes outcomes. It saves jobs, it saves businesses. And often you read about it in the papers the very next day. Sometimes it’s behind the scenes, sometimes it’s very much front and centre, but we lead the turnaround. For me, that’s one of the most rewarding aspects of the role.

How do you apply what you’ve learned across the different industry sectors?

Distress hits sectors at different points in the cycle, and in Restructuring, your core skillset is applicable across all sectors. You build up experience to take on the next situation. Ultimately, it’s the ability to see the wood through the trees and make a decision – and to have the experience and conviction around your decision to help affect change. You never stop learning because you have huge exposure to the rest of EY and get to work with all the sector teams in different parts of the firm. 

What’s your ambition for the team?

We want to be the leading Restructuring team working on the biggest and best cases. We’re growing our team and our services, doing more company-led restructures as well as creditor-led. It’s an exciting time for anyone joining the team as we grow our sphere of influence in the UK and Ireland, and internationally too.

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