How to find opportunities on GigNow


The new world of work is empowering. More than ever before, the power to work where, when and how you want is in your hands. With the rise of the gig economy and changing employee/employer relationships, we're creating more agile working arrangements and making it easier for you to access contract opportunities.

That’s why we’ve created GigNow – a platform where you can search, learn about and apply to contract opportunities (‘gigs’) with EY. GigNow is the perfect way for you to have flexibility, make an impact on our clients and our organisation, and grow as a professional.

It’s quick, easy and direct. Find out from our FAQs below how you can get involved. Alternatively, ff you have a specific query about being a contractor at EY, please get in touch via e-mail at


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Ways to work together

You can contract with us in one of three ways, depending on how you’re set-up, your role and the needs of a particular project.
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What to expect at EY

Starting your contract with us soon? Here’s what you can expect before you join, when you start and during your contract
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