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Gillian Rosewell
  • Gillian Rosewell

Gillian is team leader of the multi-disciplinary Communication and Pursuit Strategist (CaPs) team, as well as a Pursuit Leader for the Assurance business.

I have been with EY for 3 years now.  During my interview, I sensed that EY had a supportive team culture, and I haven’t been disappointed. From leadership to our less experienced team members, we all help each other whenever possible.

Since arriving, I have focused on building that collaborative culture to encourage an open, trusted environment where everyone can be themselves, share ideas and support each other during the peaks and troughs in their workload. 

A demanding role

Being a Pursuit Leader or Communication and Pursuit Strategist (CaPs) is exciting and challenging due to the direct impact I have on the strategic direction of bids. I’m also at the centre of team communications, where the high-paced nature and multiple deadlines keep me on my toes.

The CaPS team project manage bids from start to finish, liaising with people across the globe to bring best practices. Pursuit leaders coach teams on their pursuit strategy, messaging and coaching on relationship development, presentation skills and impact.

With EY at the forefront of new innovations, life is more interesting than ever for CaPS and Pursuit Leaders. We are always seeking ways to innovate during the pursuit process so we can truly enhance enhanced client experiences.

EY supports my career development

EY supports me to achieve my potential. I have access to technical and soft skills training (internal and external) to develop my personal skills, and I’m excited to see a number of people in the team take the opportunity to build their skills through EY Badges

I work on a varied portfolio of bids that are often for FTSE 100 companies across a number of industries. I am also encouraged to get involved in initiatives to help the team improve the work they do and bring greater results for EY.

A better way to work – flexibility for the whole team

EY is very supportive of flexibility. As a team leader, I encourage the team to enjoy a good work/life balance and I support flexible working arrangements like working from home or adjusting start and leave times to work around personal commitments. I personally work four days a week as I also have the busy job of looking after my two daughters!

The essential skills

The essential skill for both CaPS and pursuit leaders is communication, both verbal and written. You also need the ability to influence and challenge senior stakeholders. Coaching skills are important for pursuit leaders too, whilst strong project management is critical for CaPS. You need to be able to work to tight deadlines, have attention to detail, be a team player, and think creatively about our key messages and ways to harness new technologies.

A great team culture

If you’re interested in developing your career in pursuits, we’d love to grow our team with people who have as much passion for teamwork as we do! 

Gillian Rosewell
  • Gillian Rosewell

About the author

Gillian is team leader of the multi-disciplinary Communication and Pursuit Strategist (CaPs) team, as well as a Pursuit Leader for the Assurance business.

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