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Euan  Scott
  • Euan Scott

Imagine changing the way a global organisation works – and making thousands of people’s workdays more efficient and interesting in the process. That’s what drives Euan Scott and his team every day at the Resourcing Centre of Excellence within Core Business Services.

What does the future of work look like at EY?

Euan: “That’s a question we’re constantly asking ourselves. And it’s why my team is focusing on new, innovative ways of using data and technology to support the way EY works.

We’re always thinking: ‘How do we eliminate the boring administrative duties so EY employees can work smarter and gain more stretching and rewarding experiences?’ So we’re working with various business areas to develop technology strategies that eliminate those processes, by harnessing mobile apps, data analytics, virtual and augmented reality, robotic processing automation and SharePoint workflow solutions.”

Technology moves at such a rapid pace. How do you keep up?

Euan: “We have a Learning Lab, which is a monthly learning day. The team meets in the morning to discuss upcoming projects and key development priorities, then we go off on our own and spend the next six hours upskilling on areas we need to focus on.

For example, someone might want to have a deeper understanding of RPA in order to work efficiently with our developers. That person will use all the learning materials available to us, like Udemy and Skillspot, to educate themselves on the subject. At the end of the day, we regroup and reflect on what we learned.”

Why is continuous learning and upskilling so important?

Euan: “We need to understand how technology is going to impact the business and our roles, to help shape the way we work in the future. It’s not just about adding value to the business either; we’re future-proofing ourselves by learning about new technologies.”

How did you get into this role?

Euan: “I joined EY 15 years ago, quickly moving into roles where I was implementing new technologies and processes – so it’s something I’ve always found interesting and rewarding.

Then I had the opportunity to participate in EY’s accelerated leadership programme (now known as EY Edge). The two-year development programme pushed my boundaries and taught me a lot about leadership, team management and working with different people. It gave me the confidence and skills to develop an authentic leadership style, which led me to new roles within the business.”

Core Business Services gives people plenty of opportunities to move roles and sometimes teams. Why’s that important?

Euan: “As someone who’s had the opportunity to take on different roles throughout my EY career, I know how valuable diverse perspectives are. Many of the roles within the team were filled by existing EY employees. It’s great because they understand what we do and how we’re trying to support the business – but they also bring a fresh new approach.

It allows me to give back as well. By helping the team learn new skills and take on new projects, they’ll have more opportunities to take their career in a different direction.”

The team works with all areas of the business. Does that present unique opportunities?

Euan: “Because technology will impact everybody’s role, we do get to collaborate with all business functions. That’s what’s great about being a part of the Core Business Services team. It gives you plenty of opportunities to get a breadth of experience.”

Euan  Scott
  • Euan Scott

About the author

Euan has worked for EY his entire career since 2004. After spanning numerous roles across HR and Resourcing, he is now Head of Resourcing Centre of Excellence.

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