A chance to change career

Ever wondered how it would feel to find a job that’s just ‘made for you’? Hanika shares how EY Reconnect has led her to her perfect match – in a place she never thought to look.


Building confidence

“I thought it would be easy. Coming out of a stressful management role at a major bank to start a family, I felt excited to begin my career break. In reality, it was only a couple of months before boredom crept in. Raising a child is a wonderful thing, but part of me longed to experience the buzz of my career again.

“That’s when a friend told me about EY Reconnect. I’d previously worked in trading, financial data and banking, but not consulting. Would it work for me? Could I do it? Would my child be OK? I felt nervous and I didn’t know the answers. But I decided it was worth a try.”  

A supportive community

“The people I met during the interview process couldn’t have been more lovely or supportive. When I cancelled my first interview because I couldn’t get childcare, they were so understanding. The nicest surprise, though, was learning that my interviewer was just back from maternity leave herself – her second child the same age as mine.

“She put my fears entirely to rest. I came away reassured that I could do this – and equipped with lots of practical tips from one working mum to another!”

Putting experience to good use

“To my great delight, I was offered a place on the 12-week Reconnect programme in EY’s Transactions business area. What really impressed me was the care they put into matching my experience and interests to the right role.

“Transactions is a huge practice area, but they saw real potential for me in a team specialising in complex securities valuations. Truth be told, I didn’t even know what this was! I soon realised it was the perfect match. It’s combined the valuation skills I learned as a trader, the client-facing skills I learned in financial data sales, and industry knowledge I learned in banking.”

The Reconnect effect

“Nine months later, I can only describe my career as a dream come true. I learn something new every day. I’m trusted to get my work done where, and when, I need to. I can now leave the office at 5pm to pick up my child – without feeling judged. I’m a more focused, productive employee because of it. Best of all, I can see a fulfilling, exciting career ahead of me at EY.

“I’m back to being my positive self again – something my family is grateful for! It’s rejuvenated my love for the time I get to spend at home with them. I now look forward to evenings and weekends – we have more fun than ever. And when I walk through the office lobby on Monday mornings, I’m smiling.”


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