Why EY? Opportunities to learn

We’re building success through people who are curious and eager to learn every day. We provide the support, experience and opportunities for people to build the career they want, but ultimately it’s about everybody taking accountability for their development.

Your learning never stops at EY

We’ll equip you with knowledge and expertise that are designed to last a lifetime. You’ll build your general business skills, and constantly refresh and enhance your technical skills across our Service Lines.

We have world-class programmes to accelerate your career.

  • For those with leadership potential, there’s the Accelerated Leadership Programme, accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.
  • For potential Partners, there’s Global NextGen — a tailored, modular programme.
  • For high-potential women and ethnic minorities to access the career growth opportunities they deserve, there’s Career Watch and the Black and Ethnic Minority Leadership Programme.
  • For disabled employees, there’s the Bridge the Gap personal and professional change programme to realise potential
  • And there’s the Business Adviser Programme, where you lend your expertise to young business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

These are all proven drivers of success. On top of this, we offer more than 16,000 different courses. Last year, our people undertook more than eight million hours of training.

Developing your expertise

Our reputation is founded on recruiting, managing and retaining the very best people. In a competitive and changing market, we also have to make sure they continue to gain the insights and connections that foster professional and personal growth. The development opportunities and support we provide will help you achieve your goals. Our career development framework, EYU (EY and you), is one of the most comprehensive training programmes of any organisation. 80% of our people tell us their job is good for their development, and our career development framework, EYU (EY and You) is one of the most comprehensive training programmes of any organisation.

We’ll give you the tools, support and know-how to develop in the direction that most interests you. But, you’ll be in charge of how much you achieve. You won’t be defined by the area or service line you work in, nor will you only work on one kind of assignment. Instead, you’ll get an incredibly varied experience, getting to know people from all sorts of backgrounds and exploring different facets of our business.

In return for your input and ideas, we’ll give you the experiences you need to progress and develop, as well as the coaching to help you to excel. You’ll work with great people and will be exposed to a range of alternative perspectives, building lifelong relationships and networks.


Moving within EY

Mobility across geographical boundaries and service lines is all part of our commitment to seamless, high-performing teams. We offer cross-border and cross-service line placements with short or long-term engagements that offer exciting and challenging experiences.

New Horizons

Our New Horizons programme is aimed at high-potential employees, who have three to five years of experience within EY, who work in an emerging market within their region (EMEIA) for three months. Our employees living in a growth market creates and opportunity for them showcase their abilities in diverse, international teams.

Enterprise Growth Services

Enterprise Growth Services (EGS) is a non-profit division of EY. It embodies everything we mean when we say our ambition is to build a better working world. We send our best people to provide the expertise and advice these businesses and projects need in order to flourish. The programme also provides an unrivalled development opportunity for the EY employees who underpin it.

The EY Vantage Program

We connect future EY leaders with leaders of tomorrow to accelerate growth and create jobs. Working on a pro-bono basis, our top-performers work alongside high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets to address challenges to growth.

EY Foundation – Accelerate

The EY Foundation offers social entrepreneurs up to 18 months of support to grow their social enterprise, including access to business coaching, workshops and networking events. We want to help social enterprises grow so that they can continue to play an important role in stimulating local economies and affecting social change.

Global NextGen

This programme is designed to accelerate participants’ development to Partner. In addition, EY runs milestone programmes for its newly promoted managers, senior managers and Partners under a globally consistent framework.

BME Leadership Programme

Our BME Leadership Programme is designed to support the career progression of high achieving managers and senior managers, and help them to develop authentic leadership styles. Participants in the programme receive career coaching and undergo an intensive two day leadership course. We’ve been named as a top 10 private sector organisation for our approach to ethnic diversity by Opportunity Now and Race for Opportunity.

Career Watch

Managers on Career Watch are paired with a Partner in their business, who is asked to sponsor them to senior manager level.  This allows a significant number of senior leaders in building a diverse pipeline for our future. 

Each of our service lines has a Partner sponsor for Career Watch who has been involved in selecting managers to participate, Partner sponsors, leading introduction sessions and sending communications. Career Watch includes master classes to help build relationships, with topics including sponsorship and BME careers.

Last year, our Career Watch sponsorship programme for female and ethnic minority managers won the Employers' Network for Equality & Inclusion's 'Tapping into Talent' award for: the demonstrable impact on retention, promotion and performance of our high potential diverse future leaders.