Why EY? Our culture

You’ll need to be full of energy and enthusiasm, open to new ideas and people and able to thrive in an environment where people work in diverse teams.

Flexible working

We aspire to be the leading professional services firm for both informal and formal flexible working arrangements that benefit our people, our clients and the communities we work within.

In 2012 we piloted a flexible working scheme for the first time. Now, we are proud to have flexible working embedded into our culture, formally or informally.

We enable our people to make their own decisions and focus on outputs, use their judgement and make the right decision around working flexibly. We understand that requirement change as people’s careers and life evolve.

We provide workspaces that enable fluid working patterns, invest in robust technology that supports flexible working regardless of location and have developed effective communications channels across the firm

Diversity & inclusion

We have a strong commitment to bring together the right teams for our clients from across our global organisation. These teams match our clients’ needs in terms of knowledge, skills and cultural background.

Diverse teams are proven to stimulate innovation and new ways of problem solving. But they need an inclusive culture to help them function at their best.

Our inclusive culture is all about making the diverse mix work. It’s about equality and opportunity – making sure that differences are celebrated so that talented people from any background can rise to the top, and ensuring that opportunities to develop and advance are available for all from day one, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, religious background, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Making sure all our people’s voices are heard and valued not only helps attract and retain the best people, but also it helps get better answers for our clients.

Visit our new diversity & inclusiveness microsite to see how we build a more inclusive culture for our people: www.ey.com/differencesmatter


EY is recognised around the world for being the place where business leaders advance, because of our strong track record in developing talent. We understand the important role mentoring plays in passing on invaluable skills and experience from one generation to the next. Many of our people have a natural desire to share their learnings to support and develop our future leaders. MentorMatch provides a confidential service to match mentors and mentees. Mentors/mentees will have the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues across our business and share experiences.


As part of our approach to Diversity & Inclusiveness, we are proud to sponsor a number of networks within the firm. These networks add hugely to our value in the communities in which we work. Over half of our people belong to one or more of them.

These networks support their members in many ways, including connecting people across the business and empowering them to realise their full potential. All our networks are fully inclusive and welcome members from any background. Our networks include:

  • EY Women’s Network
  • EY Parents’ Network (including Special Needs Forum)
  • EY Black Network
  • Unity – EY’s network for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities, and their allies (LGBTA)
  • Ability EY (including: Autism Network, Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Network, Dyslexia Network, Mental Health Network, Stammering and Speech Network, Wellbeing and Mobility Network)
  • EY Far East Network
  • EY Turkic Network
  • EY Russian Speaking Business Network
  • EY Interfaith Working Group (including: Christian Network, Jewish Network, Sikh Network, Muslim Network, Hindu Network)
  • EY South Asian Network
  • EY Latin Network

Women at EY

At EY, we have worked hard for many years to create an inclusive work environment where our women can advance through their careers. A commitment to inclusive leadership has been central to our efforts that enable our women and men to succeed personally and professionally.

Developed with the support of EY, the 30% Club mentoring scheme is part of a broader initiative to increase the pipeline of women at all levels. By having mentoring relationships outside their own firm, mentees involved in the scheme report feeling able to discuss issues without restrictions.

Our Career Watch sponsorship programme for female and managers won the Employers' Network for Equality & Inclusion's 2014 'Tapping into Talent' award for: the demonstrable impact on retention, promotion and performance of our high potential future leaders.

Separately, our EY Women’s Network was also highly commended for: the significant contribution that the network makes to EY where it aims to inspire, connect and develop their people, their business and their market.

We were also listed as one of The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2015. This recognition reflects the great work that EY is doing to promote gender diversity. It also recognises the contribution made by the EY Women’s Network, who provides development opportunities for their members and great engagement with our clients and the wider community.

The World Economic Forum estimates it will be 80 years before women achieve gender parity. Learn about what EY is doing to accelerate progress here.

Arts sponsorship

We have been supporting the arts for over 20 years. This includes sponsoring some of the most successful art exhibitions ever held within the UK. We are members of the British Museum, the Royal Academy, the National Gallery and the V&A.

In 2013, we extended our commitment and entered into a three year partnership with Tate. This year alone we will have run three EY Exhibitions; The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay, The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop and a third EY Exhibition that will take place at Tate Modern from September 2015.

Inclusive Leadership Programme

Developing inclusive leaders who can connect and engage with people is a real source of competitive advantage. Our clients operate in an increasingly global world, and they want to work with organisations as diverse as they are. We want to ensure that everyone can truly be themselves and feel included at work, regardless of their race, gender or background. Our Inclusive Leadership Programme (ILP) challenges thoughts and behaviours around inclusion and exclusion, and helps us build high-performing teams that deliver exceptional client service.

Over 85% of UK and Ireland partners have attended this programme so far, and it has been extended to all managers, senior managers and directors. This programme shifts mind-sets, ensuring that our leader’s behavious are inclusive towards everyone, and creates an environment where everyone can advance their careers and succeed.

We recent won an Inclusive Culture Award from Business in the Community and Opportunity Now Excellence Practice Awards 2015 as a result of this training programme.

Health EY

Working at EY is challenging and stimulating — your day-to-day work is complex and multi-faceted and it requires you to push the boundaries of your capabilities. As part of a high-performing team, we want you to be able to work in a way that delivers exceptional service to your clients while maintaining your own wellbeing. We provide the tools and technology you need to work flexibly and meet the commitments you make to clients, to your family and to your community. We also encourage you to move around — globally, if that’s what you’d like to do.

We recognise the importance of supporting our people to manage their health, mental health and well-being, which is why we have a firm-wide approach with Health EY. Health EY provides the tools, knowledge, understanding and support for all of our people to either: maintain their health and well-being, improve where they are at, manage themselves if things change, or even encourage them to start thinking about their health.

Health EY is broken into 6 areas;

  • Being Health EY is our firm-wide approach to health, mental health and well-being for all of our people
  • Think Differently is our forward thinking approach to mental health and well-being. Including; prevention, increasing awareness, understanding and acceptance and effectively supporting our people. As part of our commitment we have joined forces with Mental Health First Aid England to roll out bespoke EY Mental Health First Aid to our employees across the UK.
  • Thrive includes monthly knowledge programmes on physical health and mental health. We also offer mindfulness support and have launched a new EY Mindfulness Network that allows our people to learn and practise mindfulness at work.
  • Nuture is a collaboration with our health providers to develop clear, connected, clinical care pathways for our people who need support.
  • Communities allows our people to get involved with our EY sports teams, events or Disability Working Groups like the Mental Health Network.
  • Flex EY is our flexible benefits scheme that enables our people to take control of their health benefits.

Respecting our people

Talk to anyone at EY and they’ll tell you how rewarding it is to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Respect, integrity and teamwork define the way we work — each individual brings a unique point of view and unique business skills. We’re building a better working world because we embrace diverse viewpoints and produce better results.

Empowering our people

Be part of a global business with market-leading growth, big ambitions, a clear vision and a bold purpose. By 2020, we aim to double the size of our business. And as part of one of the world’s leading professional services firms you’ll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the future of the world’s leading organisations, and leave a lasting legacy.

Our community

We encourage and coordinate many volunteering activities — in education, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability — all in a way that makes real use of your unique skills and capabilities for a far greater impact. Last year, our people in the UK volunteered for more than 40,000 hours in total — and raised over £2.2m.

Through our EY Foundation charity, you’ll have the opportunity to help the community and develop career-enhancing skills in new and different contexts. You can improve your public speaking, sharpen your negotiating skills and collaborate with people from a variety of backgrounds, all within the context of a good cause. We also support many charities and are a pillar of support in the Arts.

EY Foundation

The EY Foundation aims to maximise the potential of its programmes, like Smart Futures and Accelerate Network, and create new programmes by raising funds and collaborating with organisations that share our mission: increasing the support and investment available to affect social change.

The charity is governed by a 10-strong board of trustees, chaired by Patrick Dunne (who is also chair of LEAP Confronting Conflict and D30). The board of trustees operates independently of EY in carrying out its work and achieving its objectives.

EY Foundation aims to:

  • Help young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, find alternative routes into employment and education, or even set up a business
  • Support entrepreneurs, from social entrepreneurs to start-ups, to develop and grow their businesses

Click here to view our accomplishments and accolades