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It is still rare to find an organisation that truly embraces the concept of inclusivity within its workforce, despite the legal protections in place.

“EY want their employees to focus on their strengths,” says James. He joined five years ago after gaining a BSc Mathematics degree from the University of Bath. 

“EY promptly put in place a Tailored Adjustment Agreement for me, which involved workplace adjustments for my comfort in the office, and then details of how I can maintain a work/life balance in line with my disability and overall health.” 

At EY, we understand that every individual has equally individual requirements — and that as an employer, we’ll only tap into our people’s very best performance if we embrace and enable these differences. Internal networks are one of the key ways EY remain attuned to the needs of its people.

“A friendly, approachable culture at EY means I am never worried to say if I feel my disability may interfere with my work.”

Ben joined EY as a Graduate nine years ago and now co-chairs EY’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network which sits under the umbrella of Ability EY, the Firm’s overarching disability network. “I’ve found EY to be very accommodating, providing support whenever I’ve needed it. I have sign language interpreters who come with me when I attend training courses and a palantypist who converts speech to text during conference calls and other meetings which helps me to participate.” 

Riyaz joined EY in April 2016 and started to get involved with Ability EY straightaway: “I have now been involved with the network for four months. Through the network, I attended the Great Opportunities event in June where I spoke of my experiences at EY to current disabled undergraduates wishing to undertake a career in finance.” 

Our desire to add value to everyone’s career has not gone unnoticed. A reflection of success, it’s also an incentive to continue to do more.

Amy Moody
  • Amy Moody

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After graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in English Language & Literature; I secured an administrative role at the University of Salford. I regularly volunteered for the Student Recruitment team allowing me to gain a lot of valuable experience with face to face interaction with students. I then moved into overseeing Outreach & Recruitment Activity where I developed a real passion for student recruitment. I started at EY in August 2014 Outside of work I like to run, draw and attend gigs/festivals as much as I can. A couple of random facts include a previous job being a holiday rep in Greece and surviving a hurricane whilst visiting family out in The Bahamas!