Why you don't need a 2:1 or a 1st to apply to EY

It’s been two years since we removed academic criteria as a barrier to entry for our graduate programmes. We went live on Debut to tell you what’s really important to us. EY Student Recruiment Advisor, Harriet and EY Graduate Tryfonas talk about hiring students based on their strengths - not their grades.

Demystifying professional qualifications

Professional qualifications are a great way to open doors in your career. They’re globally recognised, increase your employability and help you excel in your career. But how do you get them and where can they take you? We went live on Debut to answer those questions. Helen, EY Student Attraction Advisor and Tishina, EMEIA FSO Transaction Advisory Services Analyst, talked exclusively to Debut to clear up questions you had.

How EY supports entrepreneurial spirit

Ever dreamt of going it alone with nothing but a good idea and a whole lot of determination? Joining one of the world’s largest graduate recruiters may not seem like a natural first-step for future entrepreneurs, but at EY we're supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit - as Debut’s CEO found out. Charlie, former EY graduate and current CEO/founder of Debut, and Dan, EY’s Recruiting Lead UKI, discuss the opportunities available at EY for those with an entrepreneurial spark.

The importance of supporting women in the workplace

We take the support of women in the workplace seriously and have many female-centric programmes in place at their offices. Debut invited two EY employees, Karimah, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services Manager, and Amaka, Student Attraction Advisor, to DebutLive to discuss how EY are championing our female employees across the globe, and why other companies should do the same.

Clare - my biggest piece of advice

Clare has 5 tips to help you in the application process. But her most important piece of advice is... persevere.


Amaka - advice for starting your career

Amaka, who recruits from schools and universities, says the most important thing is to find something that you really enjoy doing. Then you'll do it well.


Alex - tips for a career at EY

Alex, who recruits in the north of England, suggests you get to know EY as early as you can.


Amy - how to prepare for an interview

Amy takes you through the S.T.A.R. technique for preparing for interview. Her top tip: put the hours in to prepare and try and be aware of your strengths.


Have you met us on campus?

Hear from Clare on what to do next.