Actuarial Graduate Programme

We help our clients ask the right questions, set priorities and define the action plans needed to succeed in the fast-shifting insurance landscape, and by combining our global insight and local reach, we are able to assist our clients in developing and validating strategies to make sound decisions, deliver better outcomes and long-lasting results which determine business success.

What areas of Actuarial can I work in?

You have the opportunity to work within Actuarial – Pensions & Investment, Life & General Insurance. Scroll through our videos above to see how our current FSO graduates describe their roles within Actuarial.


What is Actuarial at EY?

Major regulatory change. The rise of emerging markets. Ongoing economic uncertainty. Technology-driven turbulence. Increasing consumer expectations. These are the primary challenges and issues faced globally by the insurance industry. These challenges also offer the key to future profitability for insurers who make the right strategic, investment, organisational and operational changes. Our deep global knowledge comes from our work with insurance companies, banks, pension funds, private equity firms, sovereign funds and local regulators, and enables us to answer the key challenges our financial services and insurance clients face.


Our Actuarial practice is part of the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa) Insurance Risk and Actuarial Services team. We have one of the largest actuarial teams in the world, with over 550 actuarial and risk professionals in the EMEIA region and 1100 globally. This large and dynamic team, coupled with experience and fluidity across our global organisation, provides our people with great mobility across the globe and an ability to deliver multi-discipline solutions to our clients in different locations around the world.


Professional Qualifications

Right from the start you’ll receive a strong support system of structure and on-the-job training, mentors, coaches and buddies to enable you to hone your strengths, develop the right skills, realise your potential and excel in your career.

Upon joining the Actuarial team, you'll begin to study for the rigorous and renowned actuarial professional exams, governed by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. This is a very highly regarded qualification which may take anywhere between 3 and 7 years to achieve. Whilst you’re studying, you’ll be given a generous study allowance and all the study materials and support you need to help you perform at your best but how you study is up to you – you can spend your study days at home, in a library, at a quiet desk in the office, or even attend tutorials run by professional tutors. The actuarial exams are taken twice a year in April and September/October.

To ensure you have the advantage as you build your knowledge and expertise, you’ll receive practical training in the latest actuarial techniques or software relating to the client projects you’ll be working on, keeping you abreast of the most recent industry developments.

What locations can I work in?


Our roles are currently closed. Register your interest for our 2019 programmes now by clicking here.

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