Your training and development at EY

We’re only as successful and effective as our people, so personal and professional development are at the heart of our business.

Whether it's mentoring, coaching, structured and informal learning or professional qualifications, development here takes many forms, but has one aim: to help you build the career you want.

Working with your team and alongside some of our many varied clients, you'll develop soft skills and gain in-depth industry expertise - all through collaborative working.

Here is how we will help your development


For those joining on our graduate programme, you'll join your peers for an intensive, structured induction that launches you into work, involving you in client business as part of a highly professional team. It's a steep learning curve, and the best way to put your strengths to work.

If you're joining as an intern or placement student, you'll still have a chance to network with your peers and gain in-depth knowledge on EY. After your day induction, you'll start working on real client work from day one. It's a great time for you to really understand the world of work.

Professional qualifications

Joining us as a graduate will see you pursue professional qualifications, the type of qualification will depend on which area of our business you join. Whether you study for chartered accountancy or other qualifications, we'll assist you at every step in acquiring new knowledge and skills. These qualifications will open the door for future success in your career.


Although the hours can be long sometimes and the work is challenging, we help you to progress in the direction that's right for you. We do this by offering impartial and confidential career advice, ongoing support and development opportunities to help you grow your natural strengths.

Learning & development

Although working in teams on client projects means you never stop learning from your colleagues and the engagements you work on. You’ll also experience a wide range of formal, web-based and ad hoc programmes to develop your interpersonal, commercial, technical and professional capabilities through our career development framework, EYU. It’s one of the most comprehensive training programmes of any organisation. 80% of our people tell us their job is good for their personal development.

Performance review

You’ll want to measure your performance against challenging benchmarks to get a clear idea of where and how to improve, and where you’re excelling. You’ll have regular reviews with your assigned coach to give you the opportunity to receive timely feedback on project work and from the colleagues you’re working with to align your career goals.

Your success

As you progress within EY, we celebrate each milestone with you. Our milestone events provide opportunities for newly promoted people to meet their peers, often from countries across Europe, The Middle East, India and Africa, for a mixture of learning, inspiration and celebration.

If you join us as an intern, and you show your strengths, you’ll have the opportunity to be selected to attend our International Intern Leadership Conference that is held in Florida. This event brings over 2,500+ interns from EY offices across the globe to celebrate, learn and network with your peers.